Dark Roast


Organic Sumatra


'Black Satin'

All our coffee beans are cultivated by hand, fair trade, and 100% organic. Each pound of beans are carefully roasted, packaged, and sent to its designated area on the same day to ensure a well-preserved and wholly flavored taste for each bean. It is our joy to do business with the beautiful people who grow, harvest, and make our coffee come to life. Come share our joy and buy your own pound when you visit us. All our organic coffee is USDA certified.

Our Beans

Our Colombian beans are grown in the Andrean Region of Colombia. They are nourished in a tropical climate under a massive shade of banana trees. The beans are heavily guarded by the local birds that peacefully roam their habitat. Organically grown and processed, our Colombian beans are certified by BioLatina.

From the Lake Toba region of the beautiful island of Sumatra, these beans are cultivated, selected, and darkly roasted.  Sumatra beans are generally known to give off a slightly bitter yet uplifting taste. One of our most popularly requested beans.

A fine choice among our dark roasted beans. The French Roast leaves a slightly bittersweet taste and enchanting aroma. 


Harvested in the northern Peruvian highlands, these beans emanate a light, surreal taste. 



​Organic French Roast

               Dark   Roast                

Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru



 Organic Colombia
'Mesa de los Santos' 

            Medium Roast


Philippine 'Pahimis'

Medium Roast

Grown and roasted in Bayan ng Amadeo, also known as the coffee capital of the Philippines, the Pahimis blend is a delicious mix of Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica. They are one of our sweetest blends.

Organic 'Bali Blue Moon'

            Medium Roast


These coffee beans are grown in the northern highlands of Kintamani, in the province of Bali, Indonesia. The humble farmers of Bali are not allowed by law to use any chemicals on their coffee crops so you can be ensured your coffee is environmentally clean. 

   ​Organic Mexico           'Altura Tollan'


The 'Altura Tollan'  beans are harvested in the Mexican state of Chiapas. Lightly roasted, these beans result in a high acidity, flavor filled blend. At Cafe di Organo, they are a top request among coffee drinkers. 


Organic Guatemala 'Santiago Atitlan'  

This Guatemalan coffee is harvested on a plantation in Sierra Madre next to Lake Atitlan. The coffee is harvested by the native farmers who walk for almost two hours from Santiago up the San Pedro Volcano to get to their land. Their craft is manifested in the Guatemalan bean which is medium in body and high in acidity. 


Organic Dominican Republic  'Santo Domingo'  

Coffee trees in Santo Domingo are grown nearby the ocean and taken care of by farmers and their families. The trees are grown in rich soil with much exposure to moisture, resulting in a fresh, mild taste.

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   ​Organic Bolivia


The coffee beans are grown by small group of native farmers in the altitude of Bolivia. The farmers diligently grow and work to improve the quality of their coffees and their organic farming cultivation practices. Experience the goodness and perfection found in each brew of Organic Bolivia

            Medium - Dark          

Organic Gourmet House 

This is a mixture of Central and South American Arabica coffees that provide each siphon brewed cup with slight undertones of caramel and chocolate.   Smooth tasting from start to finish with an intriguing taste. 


Organic Ethiopia

Discovered in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, these coffee beans are known and loved for their unique flavor. With a mild spicy kick and a wine-like essence that finishes with a floral aroma, this clean tasting coffee glides over your palate with an almost sweet aftertaste. Hand harvested and dry processed, this coffee has a very unique flavor profile that you will thoroughly enjoy.

            Medium - Dark           

Organic Espresso

         Light  Medium               

Organic El Salvador

        Light Medium                 

Organic Honduras 


Organic Central America


Organic Timor 

On the small island of Timor, farmers are dedicated to wet-processing Timor coffee beans and working the farm mills. The beans are grown under shade and graciously provided from Cooperativa Cafe Timor. There is a a bit of spice in its natural taste.


Organic Peru

One of our best selling organic fair trade espresso brings the finest beans to a perfect medium-dark espresso roast that is sure to delight those who appreciate excellence.

The Organic El Salvador Cuzcachapa coffee creates a delicious coffee that is siphon brew into a full body of flavor with a vibrant acidity and intricate flavors of citrus essences. 

This organic coffee is grown at the highest elevations on the province of Yoro.  With the combinations of diverse shade trees, rainforest, and the natural irrigation from spring waters provide the optimal micro climate to grow this coffee beans

These organic coffee beans are grown on one of the many small plantations owned and operated by native Mayans.  The coffee beans are sun-dried before they are processed and exported.   The full-bodied gourmet coffee is well-balanced and finishes with a crisp and essence.

This Peruvian coffee is grown on the edge of the Amazon jungle and the Andres Mountains in Peru.  This coffee has incredible flavor profile  and aroma with a sweet and nutty finish.  It mildly acidic with a light body, 

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