Our Famous Flavored Coffee




Baklava was once considered a "food for the rich" until mid-19th century. The Turkish baked this delicate pastry only on special occasions. Today, we have Baklava flavored coffee for those who like to treat themselves to a little luxury.

The Queen of Sheba was so fond of the pistachio flavor that she refused to export pistachios except for very limited quantities. Emperor Vitellius would finish each meal by packing his mouth full of the nuts. Now you can treat yourself like royalty and sample our Baklava flavored coffee day or night.

This Middle Eastern classic flavored coffee combines the smooth taste of honey with maple walnut and of course, the pure joy of pistachio. You don't have to be an heiress to enjoy the luxury of Baklava Flavored coffee; we have it right here waiting for you at Cafe Di Organo. Try it in Siphon and smells the aroma of the coffee. 

Hazelnut Flavored Coffee has crunchy toasted hazelnut flavors seeped in pure vanilla, which makes for an appetizing coffee sensation! This decaffeinated coffee is delightfully fragrant and overwhelmingly delicious. Savor our finely roasted blend of Hazelnut Decaf Flavored Coffee as the flavor of hazelnut penetrates throughout the rich flavors of gourmet decaf coffee.

Once you've discovered the taste of hazelnut coffee, you'll come back time and time again to this refined and splendid coffee blend. Make sure that you have a good supply by purchasing Hazelnut flavored coffee in the 5lb bag! Let our Hazelnut Decaf gourmet Flavored Coffee be the coffee you can count on by ordering a freshly made batch of this select coffee blend. Our 5lb bags are heat sealed in a valve bag to ensure you the freshest coffee possible. Roasted the day it ships, it promises to please you!

When blending the rich flavors of butterscotch and toffee and adding it to delicious gourmet coffee, you get our Butterscotch Toffee Cream flavored coffee. Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and flavorful ingredients, you'll see why both flavors have always been a popular favorite.

Complimented by the creaminess of butter and the rich flavors of roasted almonds and smooth milk chocolate, Butterscotch Toffee Cream flavored coffee is an indulgent treat! Enjoy!

Enjoy the rich flavors of the famous Crème Brulee dessert with our delicious flavored coffee. Crème Brulee is known for its creamy custard base and thin layer of caramelized sugar. It is so enticingly tasty that three different countries have laid claim to its origin. Now that is a spectacular accomplishment!

Skip the hassle of making Crème Brulee; brew a pot of our Crème Brulee flavored coffee and enjoy the creamy essences of toasty, French caramel and rich custard. Exceptional with every sip! Request it to be brewed in Siphon and smells the aroma.

The warm enticing flavor of Pumpkin Spice will remind you of the inviting and cozy atmosphere of Autumn. Become entranced with the flavors of the season such as subtle cinnamon spice, sweet, syrupy brown sugar, and classic pumpkin as you savor each sip of our Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee. This comforting coffee drink will awaken your senses to the brisk Autumn air, the earthy smells of a foggy morning, and the sight of gently falling leaves painting the landscape. Sink into a comfy couch and reminisce in the flavors of this nostalgic coffee blend any time you want a little Fall in your life.

The flavors of chocolate and coconut can sell themselves, but let me further explain to you why Swiss Chocolate Coconut flavored coffee is so popular and so delicious.

The Swiss have a reputation throughout the world for setting the bar on quality chocolate. Since 1819, when Francois–Louis Cailler opened the world’s very first chocolate production facility, the Swiss have become one of the world powers of chocolate. There is no substitute for the superior quality that Swiss chocolate has given us. There's nothing quite like a Swiss Chocolate Coconut infusion of flavor!

With each sip, you'll savor the rich goodness of Swiss Chocolate and the sweet coconut taste. The two are blended together to bring you our exceptional flavored coffee that is sure is to please. You will fall in love with this fresh roasted 100% Arabica bean Swiss Chocolate Coconut flavored coffee!

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